雨レオ Amereo
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorIndigo
Hair ColorDeep Blue and Light Blue
Home PlaceAngel Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 44
Theme ColorDeep Blue
Amereo  (雨レオ Amereo?) is one of the nine main mascots in Music♪ Precure! and seventh fairy of Artemis soul awakening. She is very elegant but she always on fire everytime, she is always excited when it comes to sports but also the elegancy and calm things, she ends her sentence with "reo~".

She possess the True Power of Kindness.


Amereo has a fairy-like appearance, Amereo has deep blue and light blue fur, she has a cherry blossom shaped ears, top half of the ears are light blue the other half are deep blue, in her head, there is a light blue ribbon on the left side with the strings surround her head and the big long strings released. Her eyes are indigo, she wears a blue cherry blossom necklace with a indigo cherry blossom shaped crystal in her chest, her tails are resembles a flower.


Amereo is always passionate and fire up when somethings interesting came out to her, she and her partner, Mia, always travel and explore things together, they also very elegant and beautiful.


Born as a FairyEdit

When the fourth set of Music Key is completed, she is born from the Feather Chest and Mia hug her straightly and tell her that she is Mia's partner.

Become Mia's PartnerEdit

At first, Amereo didn't open her heart to Mia because she still scared, but, after seeing Mia's personality, she feels something different and she get confidence to make friends and talking, she also already open her heart to Mia.


Sakano Mia - She seems so determined to help Mia whenever she have trouble or problem, due to Amereo's personality, she give it with elegancy and mature solution.



Due to her existence as a fairy, she able to fly without wings.

Amereo BarrierEdit

Amereo use her power to make barrier surrounding herself, at time, her barrier area grow in a wider range, so, it can protect more than herself.

Tranquil CapeEdit

She can change her appearance into a indigo cape with a heart crystal at the middle which is a useful object for Mia when she in her civilian form or when she in her transformed form.

Flower AttackEdit

An attack power which she get from her power source, "Flower Star", she shoot the power with the crystal in her chest.

Key CatchEdit

She able to catch the Music Key whenever she founds it.


Amereo  (雨レオ?) one possible translation is, 'Ame' can means "Rain" or "Candy", while Reo can be the name of Goddess in Greeks, which can means "The Rain of Goddess" or "The Goddess Candy".