クレードル Kurēdoru
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorLavender
Hair ColorGolden and White
Home PlaceAngel Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 23
Theme ColorGolden
Cradle  (クレードル Kurēdoru?) is one of the nine main mascots in Music♪ Precure! and fourth fairy of Artemis soul awakening. She is a strongwilled one and the most mature of all fairies, she has a kind heart and also have a cute appearance, she ends her sentence with "doru~".

She possess the True Power of Hope.


Cradle has a fairy-like appearance, Cradle has golden and white fur, she has a wing shaped ears, top half of the ears are white the other half are golden, in her head, there is a golden royal crown with a big white heart with wings in the middle. Her eyes are lavender, she wears a white robe with a golden heart shaped crystal with wings in her chest, her tails are resembles a wing.


Cradle always comment on others talk when they wrong, she also like strange things just like her partner, Louise, she and Louise is the most elegant partner among all the partners and the most mature, they're very calm and keep their composure the most, Cradle always give Louise a mature advice whenever Louise get a trouble.


Born as a FairyEdit

When the third set of Music Key is completed, she is born from the Feather Chest and Louise greet her and tell her that she is Louise's partner.

Become Louise's PartnerEdit

Louise warmly greet and introducing herself to Cradle, at first, Cradle seems so shy, but, at times, Cradle want to get close to Louise and she able to introduce herself to Louise normally, from that day, Louise and Cradle always together and the most perfect pair ever.


Hikari Louise - Cradle seems admire Louise due to her composure that stays the most and she always royal, Louise take care of Cradle like she is her own little sister.



Due to her existence as a fairy, she able to fly without wings.

Cradle BarrierEdit

Cradle use her power to make barrier surrounding herself, at time, her barrier area grow in a wider range, so, it can protect more than herself.

Wings CapeEdit

She can change her appearance into a golden cape with a heart crystal at the middle which is a useful object for Louise when she in her civilian form or when she in her transformed form.

Crystal AttackEdit

An attack power which she get from her power source, "Crystal Heart", she shoot the power with the crystal in her chest.

Key CatchEdit

She able to catch the Music Key whenever she founds it.


Cradle  (クレードル Kurēdoru?) one possible translation is from the dream and sleep stuffs, Cradle means "Lullaby".