エコー Ekō
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorPink and White
Home PlaceAngel Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 1
Theme ColorPink
Echo  (エコー Ekō?) is one of the nine main mascots in Music♪ Precure! and first fairy of Artemis soul awakening. She has a brave and passionate heart, also a lovely appearance, she ends her sentence with "echo~".

She possess the True Power of Love.


Echo has a fairy-like appearance, Echo has pink and white fur, she has a heart shaped ears, top half of the ears are pink the other half are white, in her head, there is a deep pink ribbon with heart in the middle. Her eyes are magenta, she wears a white wings collar with a pink heart shaped crystal in her chest, her tails are resembles a heart.


Echo always determined to help others just like her partner, Melody, she always take good care of Melody also very passionate at doing something, she admire Melody because of Melody's personality that never give up.


Born as a FairyEdit

Echo born when the first part of Awakening are completed, she called by Queen Melody to search the Precures.

Meet MelodyEdit

Echo meet Melody when Melody walking at the Music Park and she found Melody fall off, she went to help Melody and they introducing theirself each other.

Become Melody's PartnerEdit

When Melody's Happiness Heart called by her, Melody turn into a Precure and become Echo's partner.


Doriko Melody - Echo is Melody's partner as Precure, she always admire Melody and she always take good care of Melody, she always get hugged by Melody wherever they go, but, sometimes, when Melody act clumsy, Echo get strict to her and giving her many advices and complaining.



Due to her existence as a fairy, she able to fly without wings.

Echo BarrierEdit

Echo use her power to make barrier surrounding herself, at time, her barrier area grow in a wider range, so, it can protect more than herself.

Heart CapeEdit

She can change her appearance into a pink cape with a heart crystal at the middle which is a useful object for Melody when she in her civilian form or when she in her transformed form.

Prism AttackEdit

An attack power which she get from her power source, "Prism Heart", she shoot the power with the crystal in her chest.

Key CatchEdit

She able to catch the Music Key whenever she founds it.


Echo  (エコー?) one possible translation to this name are connected to the music world, which means the "Echoing Sound".