エンフレッシュ Enfuresshu
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorDeep Orange
Hair ColorOrange and Red
Home PlaceAngel Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 16
Theme ColorOrange
Envress  (エンフレッシュ Enfuresshu?) is one of the nine main mascots in Music♪ Precure! and third fairy of Artemis soul awakening. He is very sporty and also very enthusiastic. He and his partner Ayaka is the most strongest partner among all of the partners, he end his sentence with "resshu~".

He possess the True Power of Wisdom.


Envress has a fairy-like appearance, Envress has orange and red fur, he has a flame shaped ears, top half of the ears are orange the other half are red, in his head, there is a red little ribbon on the left side. His eyes are deep orange, he wears a red pearl necklace with a red circle shaped crystal in her chest, his tails are resembles an burning flame.


Envress always get an excited time with his partner, Ayaka, he always talk about jokes together and planning to make a new jokes everyday, they also talk about sports, Envress always happy beside Ayaka.


Born as a FairyEdit

When the second set of Music Key is completed, he is born from the Feather Chest and Ayaka greet him and tell him that he is Ayaka's partner.

Become Ayaka's PartnerEdit

Envress straightly become close to Ayaka and they always together all times, Envress always support Ayaka whenever she have a competition or pratice in sports.


Murasaki Ayaka - Envress seems admire Ayaka because of her personality that always make people smile.



Due to his existence as a fairy, he able to fly without wings.

Envress BarrierEdit

Envress use his power to make barrier surrounding himself, at time, his barrier area grow in a wider range, so, it can protect more than himself.

Burning CapeEdit

He can change his appearance into a orange cape with a heart crystal at the middle which is a useful object for Ayaka when she in her civilian form or when she in her transformed form.

Flame AttackEdit

An attack power which he get from his power source, "Flame Heart", he shoot the power with the crystal in his chest.

Key CatchEdit

He able to catch the Music Key whenever he founds it.


Envress  (エンフレッシュ?) one possible translation is connected with the Rome Age which is "The Strong Wall".