ふれあヌ Fureanu
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorLight Red
Hair ColorYellow
Home PlaceDarkness Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 1
Furean  (ふれあヌ Fureanu?) is the main group antagonist in Music♪ Precure! He is the leader of The Darkness Quartet, together with Vudran, Sharamaru and Groyaru, they intend to turn the world into a darkness.


He have light red eyes and yellow hair, he wears a jacket with multiple light blue and purple color and a under knee-length black denim, he also wear a darkness ring with a bat wings on it.


He is very self-minding and don't care to others.


Angel Land InvasionEdit

When the Angel Land invasion, he unleash his full force power and help Minorta, but, when Minorta get sealed away, he ran away with the others and promise to revive Minorta and destroy Angel Land once and for all.

Reviving MinortaEdit

After that incident, he with his minions created Evira to release the power of darkness and make people scared and with the scare, he would make a Hatred Key to fill up the Song of Hatred until it's complete and can revive Minorta.


Furean  (ふれあヌ?) one possible translation is same as the name of "Furfur" or "Furcifer" that means the demon of bran or demon of scoundrel.