Love Stream  (ラブストリーム Rabu Sutorīmu?) is Cure Pitch's main finisher attack which first she perform at Episode 9, this attack needs a Cure Clappé and her weapon Lovely Clervy.


Firstly, Cure Pitch call the Lovely Clervy out and the stream from her back coming to her hand and changes into the weapon, then, Echo summon the Clappé and Cure Pitch set it to the Clervy, and she slide downward the plain heart and the heart glowing by the Cures theme colors and the big crystal shines brightly, then, she create a light circle before her and she throw the weapon before her, then, the circle shrinking and enter the tip crystal of the weapon, she spins and the big stream released from the tip of the weapon crystal, after the attack, she winks and the energy in the enemy explode and the enemy purified and disappear.



Cure Pitch : 出てくる、愛の力よ!

Echo : エコー~

Cure Pitch : 広げて!愛の歌!

Cure Pitch : プリキュア:ラブストリーム

'Cure Pitch :' ファイナルコード


Cure Pitch : Detekuru, Ai no Chikara yo!

Echo : Ekō~

Cure Pitch : Hirogete! Ai no Uta!

Cure Pitch : Purikyua: Rabu Sutorīmu!

Cure Pitch : Fainaru Kōdo


Cure Pitch : Come out, The Power of Love!

Echo : Echo~

Cure Pitch : Spread! The Song of Love!

Cure Pitch : Precure: Love Stream!

Cure Pitch : Final Chord