マイナーた Maināta
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorDark Red
Hair ColorBlack and Dark Purple
Home PlaceDarkness Land
RelativesLilia (daughter)
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 1 (Defeat)

Music♪ Precure! Episode 55 (Awakening)

Minorta  (マイナーた Maināta?) is the main antagonist and main villains in Music♪ Precure! He is very cruel and very evil, he is the ruler of Darkness Land, the land of Minor Music which also controlled by his servants, he started invasion in Angel Land before the next Precure is awaken, he and his servants still continue to destroy Angel Land and make the world full of evil and darkness.


He is have a monster appearance with a black body, dark red eyes, black and dark purple hair, and big bat wings on the back.

When he sealed, he's just looked like a silhouette of his body but with his eyes still remain dark red and glowing.


He is very cruel and mean, also very selfish, he intend to destroy the whole world together with his daughter Lilia, who's born unknownly, and his servants.


Age of MythEdit

He fought with Artemis and Cure Music since the age of myth, his goal is to obtain the Music Score and turn the Song of Love into his Song of Hatred, but, he didn't make it because he already get sealed by Artemis and Cure Music.

Angel Land InvasionEdit

When Angel Land still in peace, he suddenly came with his forces, and Angel Land turns into a destroyed ruins in no time, and he turns all of the townsfolk into Evira, but, one by one his forces get down by Artemis, his immortal enemy since the Age of Myth, after he lost his power, Cure Music straightly sealed him in the Darkness Land and nobody's know his existence after that, but, his power still remain and he probably can be revived.


When the Song of Hatred sang by The Darkness Quartet, he regain his powers and he's awakened.


Minorta  (マイナーた?) is the name hardly can be translated into Minor, which is the negative music tone, his name also can be "Lord of Darkness".