ミラクル Mirakuru
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorRed and Green
Home PlaceAngel Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 9
Theme ColorCrimson
Miracle  (ミラクル Mirakuru?) is one of the nine main mascots in Music♪ Precure! and second fairy of Artemis soul awakening. She has a clever mind, but she have a shy personality, she ends her sentence with "raku~".

She possess the True Power of Nature.


Miracle has a fairy-like appearance, Miracle has crimson and a little bit of green fur, she has a leaf shaped ears, top half of the ears are green the other half are red, in her head, there is a green leaf headband. Her eyes are red, she wears a green leaf necklace with a green leaf shaped crystal in her chest, her tails are resembles an autumn leaf.


Miracle always giving advice and sometimes a solution to her partner, Reino, but, like her partner, she is very shy to others, but, after seeing Reino wants to overcome her shyness, she determined to do same as Reino.


Born as a FairyEdit

When the first set of Music Key is completed, she is born from the Feather Chest and Reino greet her and tell her that she is Reino's partner.

Become Reino's PartnerEdit

She still have a shy feelings towards Reino, but, Reino wants to clear that feelings and it worked, Miracle become brave in front of Reino.


Tomoko Reino - Miracle is Reino's partner as Precure, she always brave Reino to introduce herself in front of strangers or new people, Miracle sometimes give Reino a solution or advice when Reino asked.



Due to her existence as a fairy, she able to fly without wings.

Miracle BarrierEdit

Miracle use her power to make barrier surrounding herself, at time, her barrier area grow in a wider range, so, it can protect more than herself.

Leaf CapeEdit

She can change her appearance into a red cape with a heart crystal at the middle which is a useful object for Reino when she in her civilian form or when she in her transformed form.

Aqua AttackEdit

An attack power which she get from her power source, "Aqua Heart", she shoot the power with the crystal in her chest.

Key CatchEdit

She able to catch Music Key whenever she founds it.


Miracle  (ミラクル?) one possible translation is connected to fantasy stuff, Miracle is a "Magic".