シャラ丸 Sharamaru
SeasonMusic♪ Precure!
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceDarkness Land
First AppearanceMusic♪ Precure! Episode 10
Sharamaru  (シャラ丸 Sharamaru?) is the third main group antagonist in Music♪ Precure! He loves making wreck by affecting animals to become his minions.


He wears a light gray shirts with black jacket, a long red pants and a pair of black boots.


He very determined to crush others feelings and friendships, he always like to affect anyone who disobey him with his power of darkness to be his minions.


Angel Land InvasionEdit

When the Angel Land invasion, he started to summon animals that he affected by his power, the animals start to attack the land with no mercy, but, Queen Melody and King Symphony annihilate it with their power of love. When Minorta sealed away, he with his group retreated and promise to revive Minorta.

Reviving MinortaEdit

After the incident, he with his animals minions started to attack the people by scare them away.


Sharamaru  (シャラ丸?) one possible translation is from the demon names "Sharax", the Duke of Hell.

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