Symphony Compact  (シンフォニーコンパクト Shinfonī Konpakuto?) is the device that the Guardian Cures use to transform into Precure.


This device made by King Symphony before the Guardians turn into Precure, he made this compact in case that the power of the kingdom vanished, he can create more new power with this device, but, since he knows that the Guardians choosen to be the next Cures, after the Guardians came down to earth, he sent the compacts away into the Guardians hearts.


Symphony Compact looks like a yellow, pink and white downlid-commune, inside, there is a mirror in the bottom lid, a slot for setting the Cure Clappé inside, seven colored star crystals circling and a spinner with star handle.


Symphony Compact allows the Guardians to transform into Precure which they use with Cure Clappé, it also can inserted with other Cure Clappé with many use.